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I bought a gaming headset for my computer hoping it would work for my xbox. Well it did but i couldnt use the mic. I thought i had a cable but the cable ended up not working. This little adapter works great. And instead of buying piggy back cables i just send the audio to my logitech input. Mar 29, 2019 · Connect video output cables to Xbox 360. You can output to two displays by either using a slim composite video cable with an HDMI cable or by using a cable that features both composite and component video that come with older models. Use a slim composite video connector with an HDMI cable to output from your console. May 13, 2013 · A HDMI cable (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the best quality cable for the Xbox, and fits into the port beneath the one you are currently using. I recommend getting one, the improvement is amazing, but don't spend more than £5-£10. £1 is usually adequate. Jul 10, 2017 · Despite the Xbox 360 getting a little long in the tooth, you can still find official Xbox 360 “For Windows” controller packs both on the shelves at many electronics retailers, online, and directly from Microsoft. And hey, if you only need the USB receiver, you can always sell the controller on Craigslist and try to get your money back.

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Are there different XBOX 360 power cords - Answers

Mar 31, 2020

Are there different XBOX 360 power cords - Answers do ya'll have a xbox 360 power cords. You cannot get a power supply which will work on both consoles, therefore you will need to buy whatever power supply your console needs.