Create or edit Configuration Profiles for iOS, macOS, or tvOS

Oct 21, 2011 · Configuration profiles: An iPad administrator's best friend The influx of iPads and other mobile devices into the enterprise may worry IT administrators, but configuration profiles allow for centralized management of iOS devices. Nov 25, 2013 · You can see if you have any configuration profiles installed by opening the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and tapping the General category. Look for the Profile option near the bottom of the list. If you don’t see it on the General pane, you don’t have any configuration profiles installed. Configuration profile file: Browse to the configuration profile you created using the Apple Configurator or Apple Profile Manager. The max file size is 1000000 bytes (just under 1MB). The file you imported is shown in the File contents area. You can also add device tokens to your custom configuration files. Apple Configurator 2 makes it easy to deploy iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV devices in your institution. Use Apple Configurator to configure your devices You can use Apple Configurator to quickly configure large numbers of devices with the settings, apps, and data you specify for your students, employees, or customers. See all the settings to configure iOS and iPadOS devices for AirPrint, home screen layout, app notifications, shared devices, single sign-on, and web content filter settings in Microsoft Intune. Use these settings in a device configuration profile to configure iOS/iPadOS devices to use these Apple features in your organization.

Mar 15, 2012

Configuration profiles: An iPad administrator's best friend Oct 21, 2011 Why Configuration Profiles Can Be As Dangerous As Malware

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Redirect: Configuration Profile Reference ‎Apple Configurator 2 on the Mac App Store A Blueprint is a template device to which you add configuration profiles and apps and perform actions, just like you would to a connected physical device. Fully automate Apple Configurator 2 and integrate its capabilities into your existing device management workflows using the included command-line tool, AppleScript scripting library, or