The device you are developing on must be set to a development sandbox. On Xbox One (or later), you can set your sandbox using Xbox One Manager. For Windows 10 Desktop, you can use the SwitchSandbox.cmd script that's located in the Tools directory of the Xbox Live SDK installation.

Time Warner Cable Launches Xbox Live App on Xbox 360 Aug 27, 2013 Xbox Live Account Setup - Xbox 360 Message Board for Xbox Hello! I'm new to the Xbox scene and to the microsoft scene as a whole (I'm a Mac user, pls don't shoot) and I'm just wondering how I can create a game tag and an Xbox Live account on a computer and then sign it into the Xbox? (mine is a 360 S, by the way) Also, this xbox isn't updated, and I'm not sure which system or whatever it's called it's How To Setup Xbox Live On Xbox 360? | Yahoo Answers

Oct 12, 2016

Xbox 360 : Xbox Live Xbox Live is the online service for Xbox 360. Read this page to find out more about Xbox Live and how to connect your console. Xbox Games Store

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