Anyconnect along with webvpn is Cisco’s SSL VPN and portal. It works great. One way to get much more robust logging is to use the log-input at the end of the ACE. The log-input command shows the normal things such as source ip/port and destination ip/port but will also so the ingress interface and mac address of the source. Very cool!

Select the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Protocol1. Enter your VPN address into the Gateway text box. Save the VPN Settings. Activate the VPN. Follow the prompt for your user credentials For users that have never signed into the AD (old VPN does not count): you will have a default password that will change at login only if you have a windows box. Solved: Permit return traffic (established traf - Cisco Dec 15, 2016 Cisco releases Updates for ASA, ACE, VPN | Qualys Blog Jun 21, 2012 Configuring ACE for Cisco ISE Load Bala - Cisco Community

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Deployment and Configuration of Firewalls: Cisco Asa , Palo Alto, Juniper Netscreens Carrying out changes on BIG-IP F5, Cisco ACE Load balances Configure Ipsec vpn on Palo Alto, Juniper netscreen firewalls Firewall policy Administration on Juniper Srx , Netscreen , Palo alto, Cisco Asa and Checkpoint Fordham Pulse VPN Realm Cheat Sheet. Recent Updates Fordham campuses remain physically closed per New York Pause, but all offices are staffed and operating remotely.Full Details

- under site-ti-site VPN -> Group Policies edit the existing policy used by my VPN - Uncheck "Inherit" for filter and click manage - Under the Extended ACL tab click Add ACL and name it - choose this new ACL then click add ACE - create the ACE with source the contractor network and dest the IP of the server I want to block and deny the traffic

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