Enhanced M-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing

M privacy for collaborative data publishing M privacy for collaborative data publishing The collaborative data publishing problem for anonymizing horizontally partitioned data at multiple data providers … M-PRIVACY FOR COLLABORATIVE DATA PUBLISHING M-PRIVACY FOR COLLABORATIVE DATA PUBLISHING 1V.Sakthivel, 2G.Gokulakrishnan 1Pg Scholar, Department of Information Technology, Jayam College of Engineering and Technology, Definition 2.1: (m-PRIVACY) Given n data providers, a set of records T, and an anonymization mechanism A, an m-adversary I (m<=n-1) is a coalition of m

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Enhanced M-Privacy for Collaborative Data Publishing The consumption of these protocols can make collaborative data publishing more effective and enhanced using m-privacy. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Sincere thank to the reviewers for reviewing this manuscript and providing inputs for greatly improving the quality of this paper.

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