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devcon /r disable USB* In response, DevCon displays the device instance IDs of the USB devices and reports that they are disabled. Although the command included the /r parameter, the system did not reboot because a reboot was not required to disable the devices. Enable/Disable a Device from the Command Line - CCM Sep 08, 2019 Devcon - Windows CMD - SS64.com devcon disable *MSLOOP. List all compatible drivers for the device ROOT\PCI_HAL\PNP0A03. This can be used to determine why an integral device information (.inf) file was chosen, instead of a third-party .inf file. devcon drivernodes @ROOT\PCI_HAL\PNP0A03. Enable all devices that have a … windows - devcon disable cannot disable device not found

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windows - devcon disable cannot disable device not found

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